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Visiting our Building

Raptor Visitor Management System Overview

Visitors, volunteers, and vendors seeking to enter school buildings now need a valid government ID to do so. We use an electronic visitor management safety system at the Elementary School and Junior/Senior High School.

Raptor Technologies’ Visitor Management System is used in other school districts throughout the area. The system instantly screens for and “red flags” sex offenders, custody issues, and banned visitors. The district will always know who is in a building and that individual’s reason for being there, destination, and person they are visiting.

The Process

Everyone entering a district building must present a government ID (such as a driver’s license) and scan it into the system.

Once the ID is scanned and cleared, a name tag is printed and guests must wear it throughout their stay in the building. The name tag will include a picture of the guest as well as name, time, date, and destination within the building. If the visitor is red-flagged, Raptor notifies the district immediately. Any violations will be handled discreetly in accordance with school district policy.

When the person’s visit is over, he or she scans the barcode on the printed pass into the system. 

“Our system is part of a long-term plan to increase the safety and security of everyone in our buildings,” said Superintendent Dr. Adam Fineske. “These additional enhancements have included new doors, new exterior keys, and a unified key-fob entry system.”